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What does boho style mean?

Written by Amanda Wickham


Posted on December 26 2023

When we hear or use the term boho we are acknowledging that the piece has a certain vibe. That vibe is typically free-spirited and fancifree. Several of our items have a country boho twist that leave images of roadtrips and festivals in our minds. 

Layering unconventional pieces adds more flare and charisma to a boho style. Gauzey, flowy fabrics with fun prints paired with earthy neutrals. Create a carefree vibe with kimonos, graphic tees, funky jewelry and a fun hat. There are no rules, just play with it!

Boho styles borrow inspo from various eras and cultures. A fun example is a fringed leather purse reminiscent of the 60s, instantly creates a vibe. Vibrant nostalgia pieces that make a statement and express your uniqueness will also be perfect!

If you enjoy styles that are artistic and carefree then perhaps boho... boho chic... or boho country chic as we phrase it -might be for you!